Work + Science Magazine: “Inclusive Leadership: A Journey, not a Destination”

Organizations are realizing both the financial and societal benefit of increasing their investment in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices. However, when deciding where and how to invest in DEI initiatives, not every approach has the same outcomes.

In this co-authored article featured in the Fall 2021 edition of Work + Science Magazine, Summit Leadership Partners’ Kevin Impelman, Director, Consulting Products & Services and Ashleigh Dickson, Research Analyst Intern, discuss the importance of assessing the behaviors of leaders through a four-stage process: awareness, appreciation, active engagement, and advocacy. They found that leadership behaviors and setting the tone for the organization are far more impactful than implementing diversity initiatives, training, and posters on the wall.

Read more insights about Summit’s Inclusive Leader Model on page 32 of Work + Science Magazine here.