WHITEPAPER: Post-Pandemic: What’s Next for Talent Management in Private Equity?

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Private equity has been among the fastest recovering business sectors, due in part to its history of successfully executing turnarounds. As businesses seek best practices to navigate the post-COVID-19 environment, we surveyed 200 portfolio company CEOs on the current state of their businesses’ human capital management practices, DEI strategies, and succession planning.

Coming soon: we’ll release the results of a new private equity study that will provide business leaders on how best to prepare for the major shifts in talent coming to the private equity industry as we exit the pandemic.

Highlights of our new Private Equity report, include:  

  • Top concern of private equity-backed CEOs are not meeting talent goals: 83% of portfolio company CEOs don’t feel their company is on a good path meeting their talent goals (biggest challenges: promoting culture remotely, developing leadership bench strength, retaining key talent)
  • Signs of management team burnout are looming: 78% of portfolio company CEOs are concerned about burnout and well-being among their senior management team
  • Max exodus of talent are predicted & there is a lack of confidence in current succession plans: 97% of portfolio company CEOs have weaknesses in succession plans
  • PE Execs view DEI as important, but few agree on how to properly execute DEI strategies: 95% of portfolio company CEOs say DEI is a focus area, but only 44% have a formal strategy
  • Managing a remote work culture could be tied to burnout: Management teams with a risk/concern of burnout see promoting culture remotely as a bigger challenge than management teams with no concern of burnout (54% vs. 34%)

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