Forbes: “How CEOs Can Make Diversity And Inclusion A Priority”

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DEI has taken center stage on many corporate agendas. This has been driven largely by increased social justice pressure from investors, boards, media and society, but it is important to remember that diversifying your workforce is not only the right thing to do, it makes good business sense, too.

Focusing on DEI leads to increased innovation, better business outcomes and increased workplace effectiveness. Yet while CEOs know DEI can add value, the majority admit they’re struggling with how to make these important changes.

When we surveyed 200 CEOs in our 2021 CEO study, we found that 95% of participants said DEI is a focus for their companies over the next one to two years. But, two out of five CEOs said they do not have a DEI strategy. Even among those with a plan, 25% said they have not moved forward with objectives.

In this Forbes article, our Founder & CEO, Dan Hawkins, offers suggestions on what CEOs can do to make DEI a strong point for their companies and ultimately improve the bottom-line.