Our Team

Merrill Kaye Arens

Client Relationship Specialist

Merrill Kaye is a trusted professional who specializes in cultivating and maintaining strong client relationships while maximizing operational efficiency. Having worked in the Private Equity sector, she brings a wealth of expertise and a strong commitment to providing exceptional client experiences. Merrill Kaye thrives in collaborating closely with ELT teams and C-Suite leaders, ensuring seamless relationship management and service delivery. Her strong interpersonal skills and strategic approach make her an invaluable asset in building lasting partnerships and driving business growth.

Prior to joining Summit, Merrill Kaye made significant contributions at Accenture, YSC Consulting and ACap Advisors and Accounting. These roles provided her with diverse exposure and opportunities to refine her skills in client relationship management and strategic consulting. Through these experiences, she has honed her ability to navigate complex client needs and deliver tailored solutions effectively.

Merrill Kaye’s academic background includes earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia, laying a strong foundation for her professional journey.

Merrill Kaye Arens