Our Team

Brooke Tjarks

Managing Consultant

Brooke is an experienced leadership consultant who specializes in executive assessment, talent development, C-level succession planning, team effectiveness, and strategic planning. Her passion lies in partnering with organizations to synchronize their business strategies with talent strategies. Brooke enjoys working closely with executive leadership to foster self-awareness and enhance team performance.

Before joining Summit, Brooke dedicated her career to consulting, with experience at small and medium-sized firms as well as a global executive leadership consulting firm. Throughout her professional journey, she has offered talent strategy consulting across diverse industries including finance, consumer goods, energy, healthcare, media, and nonprofit sectors. Notably, Brooke contributed to the success of a $2.6 billion venture capital firm, conducting diligent research and aiding in investment pitches that secured $65 million in Series A funding. Subsequently, the company raised $70 million in a Series B round and achieved an IPO in 2019.

Brooke holds a BS and MBA from Pepperdine University as well as a research-based master’s from Harvard. She is a certified Hogan practitioner and Team Coach.

Brooke Tjarks