Take Your Future Leader to Work Day!

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April 28, 2022 is National Take Our Child to Work Day.  This day originally started as Take Our Daughters to Work Day in 1992 by the Ms. Foundation for Women but was adapted in 2003 to include both daughters and son.  This event is now a yearly opportunity to provide all children with opportunities to explore careers at ages where they are more flexible and impressionable in terms of gender roles. Originally designed to address self-esteem issues unique to girls, the program particularly encouraged employees to bring children from shelters or other programs where may have less exposure to professional roles.

At Summit Leadership Partners, we have the exceptional opportunity to work with leaders across genders, orientations, and diverse backgrounds. In particular, coaching women who are leaders, CEOs, and Founders provides us with a unique lens to see first-hand how these amazing women have been courageous and have not only sought but also paved the road less traveled.

As a company, community and society, we can’t help but advocate to have more women in leadership positions. And why wouldn’t we all want a more diverse and prosperous economy overall? In fact, research has shown that companies with more women in senior leadership positions are not only more profitable, more socially responsible, but also provide safer, higher-quality customer experiences. However, there is still such a gap with women in the leadership seat, with only 23% of women representing executive positions. And while women account for more than half of the students in a higher education program, only a quarter of women represent the jobs in the fields across industries. In order to increase the representation of women leaders at the front, we must advocate and support women throughout their lives, exposing them to what can be and what they can do.  When we expose children to opportunities and increase their perspective of potential it helps to build confidence and leadership skills required for them now and in the future.

At Summit, we have been proud sponsors of Girls on the Run, most recently a featured sponsor of their Dream It. Do It. Be It. virtual event that featured inspiring female leaders such as Simone Biles, Sarah Bareilles and others. We believe it is important to help girls develop the bravery, self-esteem, and confidence to set their goals high and achieve a bright future. After all, who doesn’t want a world where children of all genders, from all backgrounds, are able to take their dreams to reality?

As businesses are starting to open up, we encourage you to take your children (our future leaders) to work with you, and let’s start them young with the exposure and dreams they all should have.