Summit Leadership Partners Launches Performance Drivers-7: An Online Diagnostic Tool to Drive Accelerated Organizational Performance

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With a Focus on Key Organizational Performance Indicators, PD7 Amplifies Summit’s Organization Assessment Process to Efficiently Inform Action Plans for Maximizing Growth and Value Creation

Charlotte, NC – April 1, 2019 – Summit Leadership Partners, a leadership and organization development consulting firm advising boards, investors, CEOs and senior leaders on delivering peak organization performance, today announced the launch of Performance Drivers-7 (PD7), an online diagnostic tool that quickly collects and analyzes data related to organizational performance as part of the company’s broader Organization Assessment service.

With a focus on seven key performance indicators, PD7 captures feedback from a wider population of employees, resulting in a more complete overview and analysis of an organization’s overall readiness and performance to deliver on a committed strategy or growth thesis.  This tool measures key performance drivers early in an investor holding period to quickly identify where further focus and actions are required.  In 2018, PD7 was successfully piloted with numerous companies ranging from 100 to 5000 employees.

“The PD7 Diagnostic is a perfect complement to our established Organization Assessment process as it allows us to quickly and efficiently collect more data and generate a more holistic view of organization performance,” said Dan Hawkins, President and Founder of Summit. “With the enhanced insights generated from PD7, we are able to ultimately provide our clients, and their private equity sponsors, with a playbook for organization health, enabling them to accelerate growth and ultimately increase enterprise value.”

Ideally conducted following a significant investment or transaction, Summit’s Organization Assessment typically uses management interviews, focus groups, organization and process audits, and executive assessments to comprehensively assess an organization’s strengths and constraints identifying opportunities to improve in areas such as strategic alignment, leadership, culture, talent, decision making and accountability. The Organization Assessment is led and executed by Summit’s team of experience global leaders and assessment experts, many of whom have held senior management and organization development positions at Fortune 500 companies.

PD7 complements the Organization Assessment by soliciting crucial feedback from a broader population of employees and partners. The diagnostic is administered online and features a series of closed-ended questions focused on seven specific areas: Strategic Alignment, Culture, Leadership, Talent and Capability, Structure, Decision Making & Accountability and Organizational Agility. Summit provides actionable recommendations based on the feedback and findings.

“For private equity portfolio companies, there is no better time than immediately following a transaction to deploy a meaningful evaluation of organization leadership and organization,” Hawkins continued. “Armed with a clear understanding of strengths, gaps, and opportunities, CEO’s and PE partners can immediately prioritize needs and implement the strategies that will drive growth and create maximum value.”

About Summit Leadership Partners:

Summit Leadership Partners advises Boards, Investors, CEOs and senior leaders on strategically scaling business through talent and organization assessment, coaching, executive team performance, leadership development, and organization effectiveness. The exceptional consulting team has held top leadership roles in successful companies across the globe.  Summit is located in Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Nashville, New York, and San Francisco.  Visit Summit online at, and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.