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ANNOUNCEMENT: Summit Named Forbes America's Best Management Consulting Firm Third Year In A Row

Organization Performance

Organization capability gaps are often the greatest inhibitor and constraint to growth, strategic execution, and ultimately, enterprise value creation. Following any significant strategic shift, new investment, or merger & acquisition, it is critical to have the right leaders, organization design, culture, talent, decision-making, and accountability processes in place.

At Summit, we leverage a fact-based and efficient process to identify strengths and gaps in the organization to develop and implement an organization plan to accelerate the company’s strategic agenda and expected returns.


Found that our organization blueprint recommendations were insightful and actionable.

Organization Blueprint

Summit’s Organization Blueprint process is designed to help a company prepare for accelerated growth and/or address factors contributing to stalled growth or performance. We take a unique approach which combines talent assessments, executive interviews, focus groups, organization data review, and a proprietary online organization performance diagnostic to build the organization action plan required to rapidly scale the company.


of investors think the quality of the management team is the most important nonfinancial factor when evaluating an investment.

Due Diligence Assessments

Investors require an informed point of view on the management team and organization of a potential acquisition or significant investment. Glossing over talent concerns during due diligence or not addressing talent issues soon after the deal is costly. Summit works closely with deal teams to conduct a targeted and timely assessment of the management and organization health of these important investments.


of CEOs are concerned about their organization’s alignment and capabilities to execute their strategic priorities.

Organization Design

One of the biggest invisible inhibitors to effective execution is misalignment between strategy and organization design. We view organization design holistically, looking beyond structure to ensure alignment around top strategic priorities, a clearly defined operating model, talent and capabilities to support execution, and an organization culture that reinforces strategic objectives. We work closely with CEOs and their teams to identify and implement the organization model that reflects and reinforces their strategy and can scale with the rapid growth of their business.

Top quartile performing companies have a Company eNPS of


Online Organization Growth Diagnostic©

In partnership with Entromy, we utilize a proprietary online organization performance diagnostic that assesses the organization against several key factors that are most critical to organization performance and growth. The online tool is research-backed and proven to identify critical performance improvement opportunities across an entire organization. This tool can be administered efficiently across any sized organization in nearly any country, in a seamless and efficient manner. Immediate action plans can be built with the Summit expert team.


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