Middle Market Growth Magazine: “Rise of the Talent Head in Private Equity”

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As Private Equity executives pay closer attention to the role of human capital, how can talent executives demonstrate value and earn the respect of investors, deal partners and portfolio CEOs ?

Our Founder & CEO, Dan Hawkins, writes in Middle Market Executive Magazine, that a common mistake investors make is undervaluing talent’s role in generating returns. Human capital can drive significant value and growth for a company outside of hiring, firing, and retaining talent, Hawkins writes. As a result, Private Equity executives are increasingly shifting priorities to make the role of talent executives a key focus. However, Mr. Hawkins writes that talent executives at many PE firms are having to work through a growth and ‘prove it’ process as they earn the respect of investors, deal partners, and portfolio CEOs by demonstrating value.

So how are the top talent executives doing this? To find out, read Mr. Hawkins’ article in Middle Market Executive Magazine, by clicking here.