“From Founder to Public Company CEO: How to Make it Work”

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The highest level of IPO activity the US has seen since the 1999’s dotcom boom occurred last year with 471 companies going public. That record was broken again this year with a total of 1,070 IPOs during the first half of 2021. So what’s driving this surge in IPO’s? Cash is cheap, the equity market is hot, private equity firms are looking to capitalize on opportunities in the public market, and SPACs have made it easier to go public.

Many companies going through IPOs are led by founders with start-up growth experience, so handling a sudden surge in growth may cause boards to ask the question:

Does the company founder stay or go?

In this article, our Founder & CEO, Dan Hawkins, explores the hurdles these startup founders face when taking their companies public and offers advice on how to better transition into being a successful public company CEO.

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