Improving Non-Profit CEO and Team Effectiveness

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Client: Non-Profit
Services: CEO Coaching, Executive Team Development


A fast-growing nonprofit organization sought to strengthen its new executive team’s performance and explosive growth over the past couple of years. Founded by the incumbent CEO, the newly established, expanding leadership team was not raising critical issues, sharing accountability, and was deferring to the CEO for many decisions. In addition, there were concerns over volunteer involvement due to a lack of consistent direction from the executive team.

Our Solution

  • Interviewed key stakeholders and administered a Summit’s SCALE Team Performance Assessment© to understand team issues.
  • Conducted talent assessments designed to help build better relationships in the workplace, leadership capabilities, and a better understanding of individual styles and other team members’ styles.
  • Determined the roles and priorities for the team to accomplish the Nonprofits firm’s strategy and mission.
  • Built stronger feedback, accountability, and decision-making capabilities.
  • Conducted multiple team development performance sessions to ensure sustainability.
  • Provided coaching and advisory support to the CEO.

The Results

After extensive work with this organization, they were able to have greater debate and dialogue to push forth their strategic initiatives and better engage the broader organization. They have experienced dramatic increases in collaboration and teamwork, as well as made the necessary talent changes to ensure the right strategic players were in the right roles. This has led to greater organizational performance in a number of key categories: quadrupled funding received through grants and board support, significant growth in the volunteer base to be able to meet student and school needs, and dramatic increases in the number of students completing the program. The nonprofit is expanding to other geographic locations across the country.