Hunt Scanlon Media: “Shift Underway in Private Equity Talent Acquisition Strategies”

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The past decade has been widely viewed as a golden era for private equity. As global markets recovered from the shock of the last financial crisis, PE firms did not simply sit back and reap the rewards of improving market conditions. In fact, they did quite the opposite. The same could be at hand for the current pandemic crisis. PE firms are now looking closer at talent and finding new ways to unleash higher levels of leadership to boost results.

In this Hunt Scanlon article, Summit’s Founder & CEO, Dan Hawkins, says that “Collective management team assessment and performance are more important than ever right now. Investors now realize it is not enough to assess and upgrade just individuals on the team. They must better understand the capacity of the team to solve complex business challenges, make rapid decisions, and effectively align the organization. Accelerating team performance for portco management is more powerful than simply focusing on the CEO alone.”

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