Scaling Founder CEO Impact

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Client: Early-stage technology company.

Services: Executive Coaching, Team Development.


Our client had made a career switch from investment banking to launch an Austin-based tech startup, and his fast-growing company was outpacing his skills and capabilities to lead a larger organization. As a young, first time CEO, he needed help to build and align his existing leadership team as well as assess and hire the right talent to accelerate the company’s growth.

Our Solution

  • Conducted a comprehensive leadership assessment, including career history interview, personality assessments, and 360 interviews to establish a baseline leadership profile and targeted development plan.
  • Focused on areas related to strengthening EQ and empathy, prioritization and watching out for micro-management, decision making, and ensuring leadership bench at the team below the CEO.
  • Conducted coaching sessions with the management team to build capability in talent assessment, coaching and feedback, conflict management, and decision making.
  • Provided counsel to the CEO on establishing a high performing team and company re-organization to ensure scalable growth and agility.

The Results

After an extensive 12-month executive coaching and organizational assessment program, our client has thrived in his ongoing role as CEO. His company continues to scale and has expanded to over 5X employees from our original engagement. In addition, they have successfully acquired several adjacent companies. His leadership team closed on one of the largest capital raises in Austin, and is now positioned for continued exponential growth.