Fast Company: “Talent assessment must change in the era of the Great Resignation”

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We’ve all seen the headlines. Employees are leaving jobs in droves; the labor market has never been so disrupted and volatile. CEOs are citing talent shortage and retention as some of the most significant challenges they face in executing business goals.

CHROs and human resource executives are responding by evolving how to source and attract great talent. However, in this Fast Company article, Dan Hawkins, our Founder & CEO, says that while recruiting and attracting top talent is evolving quickly, the actual process of evaluating talent hasn’t changed in the past 20 years and isn’t as effective as it once was. In order to succeed in the current talent marketplace, Hawkins says employers must update their approach to assessing talent.

Read on in Fast Company to find out Mr. Hawkins’ key insights into how to evolve the talent assessment process to keep up with the rapidly changing job market.