Establishing Enterprise Leadership in Newly Established Company

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Global midcap industrial technology company organizes functionally after several years of portfolio repositioning and restructuring. The Board and CEO are looking for a new formula for growth.


Following a larger spin-off, the CEO and management team shifted its product and solutions offering to higher margin and recurring revenue through a series of divestitures and acquisitions. Growth and shareholder returns were stagnant. To ensure greater leverage of the core technologies, expertise and scale, the company was reorganized functionally from its historical business unit and product divisions. The new functional heads were required to quickly grow as enterprise leaders and become more integrated across the company.


  • Led culture acceleration workshops with the CEO and his reports to align the team on strategic direction and how they lead the organization.
  • Conducted executive development assessments for all C-level and enterprise functional heads.
  • Facilitated SCALE team development sessions with the top teams in the company to drive more integration, goal alignment and shared accountabilities.
  • Coached specific leaders who were in stretch roles.


  • Greater alignment of the C-suite on the growth strategy, strategic priorities, and how they collectively shape the company culture.
  • Improved integration of functional priorities across the company.
  • Increased enterprise leadership and accountability for company success with functional heads.
  • Company launched successful cross functional growth teams to acceleration strategic execution.
  • Growth in revenue including a 25% shareholder return increase during a pandemic