Chief Executive Magazine: “M&A Special Report: The Deal Dilemma”

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There has been record-breaking M&A activity happening around the US in 2021 and board members at public companies and private equity firms may feel pressured to greenlight acquisitions, despite accelerated (and shallow) due diligence into the target company’s strategic fit, according to Russ Banham, Contributing Writer at Chief Executive Magazine. Banham writes that public companies are awash in capital from record stock prices, and there’s enough dry powder for private equity firms to spend like there’s no tomorrow.

Our Founder & CEO, Dan Hawkins, connected with Mr. Banham to discuss his thoughts on the uptick in M&A activity and provided his insights on board member’s decision making process in conducting relevant due diligence. Dan says that,  “As the velocity of deals increases and a good portion of dealmaking remains in a virtual and remote setting, M&A due diligence is becoming shorter, faster and with less lead time. If any due diligence on the [target’s] management team takes place, it is often an hour of time with each person and is surface at best.” 

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