Consulting Magazine: “Merger Activity Heating Up in Consulting and Beyond as Business Shifts to Post-Pandemic Mode”

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The pandemic caused company’s growth plans to be placed on the back-burner. However at the end of 2020, M&A activity began to see a major uptick as firms turned their attention to a backlog of deals, particularly in the private equity space.

Our Founder & CEO, Dan Hawkins, recently connected with Consulting Magazine’s editor, Chris Nesi, on the state of the current M&A market and the trends he’s seeing will take shape in 2021.

“Remote working, remote health, digitization of work and healthcare are changing industries as we know it. There’s been more M&A and investor growth in health tech in the last 12 months than probably the last three years due to the pandemic,” says Hawkins. “Tele-health and virtual life sciences trials are not the future, they are here now and they are here to stay. Many companies are rapidly trying to capture and consolidate a unique digital health solution for treatment, data, diagnosis and analytics.”

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