[Panel Discussion] Championing the Future of Work: The CHRO’s New Mandate

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Watch our recent panel with these experienced CHROs.

The magnitude of social, economic, and health-related upheavals concurrently facing businesses is forcing CHROs to throw out their playbook and redefine their strategic agenda. In this webinar, a panel of top CHROs share ways that leading companies across different industry segments are responding to and thriving despite these challenges.

You Will Learn

  • How top CHROs are reframing the role of HR and their strategic priorities to address the new realities facing their businesses.
  • What’s fad versus new go-forward realities for progressive businesses responding to the various events of 2020.
  • How notable HR leaders are preparing a return-to-work plan for the post-COVID environment.
  • How to move beyond traditional D&I efforts to address “Black Lives Matter” and other social justice opportunities that have arisen this year.
  • What top HR executives are doing to create a positive environment and help their employees stay resilient and fully engaged.