Austin Business Journal: Signs Your Current Leaders Can’t or Won’t Scale as Your Organization Grows

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In an article published in the Austin Business Journal, Summit partner Corinne Mason offers advice to CEOs and CHROs

It’s another sleepless night for you, the chief executive officer or the chief human resource officer. Your investors are expecting you to deliver enormous growth this year, once again. You employees are looking to you for guidance and to ensure that the organization remains the great place to work it’s always been. You know that your role is to set the corporate agenda, make difficult decisions, scale and ultimately create value – but you can’t do it alone. You must have a strong leadership team on which you can rely, and you aren’t sure the current team has what it takes.

Within any growing company, the CEO and CHRO face the dilemma of determining whether the current leaders – the executives who may have helped the company reach its present level of success – are equipped to propel the organization to greater heights. Investors and advisors continually speak about the need to find and enlist “A players,” which certainly sounds like a good plan if those new players prove to be as loyal to and aligned with your vision as your current leadership have been.

Eventually, every CEO is forced to confront a tough question: Do I have the right leaders for the organization’s future?

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