Agenda: “Inclusive Leadership Means Challenging Past Decision-Making”

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Research shows that when evaluating potential CEO candidates, there is greater emphasis on prior C-suite experience. So how do we get around this if there’s lower female representation at the top? Experts say we must train our leaders to be more “inclusive,” but what does that really mean and how do we best assess and evaluate our current decision makers to ensure we create a more diverse leadership team for our organizations?

In this article for Agenda, a Financial Times publication, Summit Leadership Partners’ Corinne Mason, Ph.D., Partner, Kevin Impelman, Ph.D. Director, Consulting Products & Services, & Ashleigh Dickson, Analyst discuss:

  • What’s needed to hire and promote more diverse talent in the workforce to create a top-down impact for lasting change
  • References Summit’s latest study surveying 200 executives to better understand leadership expectations at the CEO level (and breaks down the gender responses)
  • Discusses key characteristic to look for when evaluating true inclusive leaders

Read the article where it originally appears on Agenda, a Financial Times publication.