Accelerating Top Team Performance Following New CEO Appointment

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Client: Publicly traded consumer products company.

Services: Executive team assessment and performance acceleration, new CEO assimilation, team coaching and individual leadership assessment.

The Challenge

Following 2 years of disappointing performance and the departure of the company’s CEO, the C-suite was mired in mistrust and dysfunction. The management team’s toxic behaviors of finger-pointing, working in silos and lack of accountability was leaking into the organization and was diminishing enterprise value. This resulted in 7 missed quarters and little optimism for the future. The arrival of a new CEO created an opportunity to assess the executive leadership team, improve their collective performance and reset their protocols for team collaboration, communication, decision making and aligned strategic purpose. Additionally, this CEO was insistent on gaining further insights into any changes required to make within the team.

Our Solution

  • Individual executive assessments including 360° feedback to identify strengths and development priorities.
  • A series of leadership team meetings that evaluated current opportunities and outlined improvements.
  • Ongoing coaching for the leadership team on how to effectively assimilate the new CEO.
  • Facilitated alignment on strategic priorities and C-suite team cadence to ensure clarity and accountability.

The Results

Effective assimilation and integration of the CEO hired from outside the company. Two additional changes made on the top team to upgrade with exceptional talent that complemented the CEO’s vision. Compared to the baseline team assessment data, the leadership team reported greater collaboration, trust and shared accountability. Increased employee engagement results across the organization reported 9 months later. The company reversed the trend of missing quarter earnings expectations and has restored trust with the board and investors.