Resetting Growth Agenda for Company Spin-off

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Client: Recent spin-off publicly traded industrial manufacturing company.

Services: Executive team alignment, talent assessment, and executive coaching.

The Challenge

Created by a recent spin-off from a larger conglomerate, the newly established leadership team lacked experience as public company C-suite leaders, including the CEO. Following two years of focusing on creating a standalone company and stabilizing the business, the Board of Directors challenged the CEO and management team to pivot the organization and themselves towards a growth-oriented business model and organization. With revenue and stock price having remained flat since the inception, the investor community was confused about the direction of the company and value of the spinoff. At the same time, employees were misaligned or disengaged with the direction of the young company because the management team had not articulated a compelling vision, strategy and culture needed to drive a growth agenda.

Our Solution

  • ┬áReviewed business strategy, and interviewed BOD members, CEO and management team in order to better understand gaps to growth.
  • Outlined a plan to assess the management team both individually and collectively on how each must drive a growth agenda.
  • Conducted talent assessments and 360┬║ feedback reviews on all management team members, including the CEO.
  • Led a series of Executive Team performance acceleration sessions over a 6-month period to improve the effectiveness and speed of strategic clarity, priority alignment, communication, decision making and organization impact.
  • Individually coached several of the C-suite leaders who were most critical to the strategy of the company.

The Results

Having reset the purpose, operating principles and cadence of the top team, including significant upgrades to the executive team, all current executive team members now have specific action development plans in place. With this new clarity and conviction, the Company announced an ambitious growth vision and strategy to the board, investors and employees. Tangible benefits of this realignment included an 80% increase in stock price after one year, as well as revenue and profitability growth that outpaced all industry peers for past four quarters. Industry analysts now list the stock as a growth stock, and the Company has accelerated their M&A plans to highest pace ever.