Accelerating Organization Performance on Digital Strategy

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Client: Private equity-backed consumer products retailer.

The Challenge

After finding success for decades with brick-and-mortar retail sales strategy, our client’s traditional business model had become ineffective in the e-commerce marketplace. With significant talent and organizational gaps, the management team was ill-equipped to transition the business to a consumer-driven, digital sales business model. Growth was stalled and the organization was not moving fast enough into the digital retail markets. As a result of this, the company faced a low valuation and unable to find additional investors at the expected price.

Our Solution

  • Following the development of the digital growth strategy, we identified the essential capabilities and talent requirements to transform the business.
  • Conducted a comprehensive organization assessment on the management team, organization structure, talent segments, and culture.
  • Conducted 15 talent assessments on key leaders to identify strengths and skillsets capable of driving the new digital business model.
  • Developed recommended operating model and organization design with specific transition considerations for retained leaders in key positions.
  • Created a high-impact change management and communications plan.
  • Coached key management team members to lead the transformation towards a digital organization.

The Results

Implemented a new consumer-focused digital organization across the business segments. All leaders who were retained have specific development plans in place to lead the change and the company in the future. By realigning the management team in ways that ensured greater performance, we created excitement and energy around the new growth strategy, while improving succession readiness. While the brick and mortar segment continues to decline, our client has exceeded revenue expectations in all e-commerce and digital channels. The company’s external brand has improved as a digital provider and employer in the 21st century.