Our Team

Micaela Zebroski

Consulting Intern

Micaela serves as a Research Analyst Intern at Summit Leadership Partners, working with the Director of Consulting Products & Services and our consulting team on various projects including executive assessment, team performance, performance analytics, and research projects.

As a doctoral student, Micaela has worked in a variety of research areas where she studied the science behind organizations and workplace with a particular interest in workplace meetings. Currently, she is engaged in projects involving skip-level meetings which is a key tool senior-level management can use to gain insight into what is taking place in the organization from the perspective of an employee. Micaela is trained in both qualitative and quantitative methods and incorporates both in her approach to research and consulting.

Micaela is currently a second-year doctoral student at UNC-Charlotte in the Organizational Science Ph.D. program while also working on an MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She has a BA in Psychology from Connecticut College.

Micaela Zebroski